America the Weak

Another mass shooting in the U.S. It absolutely disgusts me as much as anyone else, and I clearly do not know how to resolve this more than any other person in America, but I do know, there is no one person or one group responsible.

Trump is not responsible any more than Obama was for Sandy Hook or the Pulse Nightclub shootings. Responsible gun owners certainly aren’t to blame and taking away our right to bear arms is absolutely not going to help. Now, do I think AK-47's are something people need to own? No. But that’s a whole other topic.

The root of the problem is NOT simply gun control, or mental health or whatever else gets blamed. The root of the problem is simple.

AMERICA HAS GONE SOFT, and is losing all fucking common sense.

We have gotten so damn consumed over feelings, and making sure everyone else is ok, and that all needs are met, that we’ve lost our strength and we have clearly lost control. I mean we are literally fighting to save illegal immigrants openly breaking the law more than we are fighting for our actual law-abiding citizens. We completely ignore the whole, “put the air mask on yourself first before your child, (because, well if you are dead you are no good to your child)”. But no, we don’t take care of ourselves, because we too freaking consumed with proving some damn point or something.

How many mass shootings are we going to have before we start focusing back on the real problems that lead to these? When are we going to slap ourselves and realize that maybe not everyone deserves a second chance and that Americans can’t be helping out anyone else until no more innocent lives are taken from some coward ass shooter?

For one, these shooters know exactly what is going to happen. They are going to a place filled with people that have no defense. This isn’t a battle for them. They’re not walking into a police department or military camp. No, they are going in to kill innocent people that have zero chance of fighting back. Fucking. Cowards.

But here’s the thing. Most of these shooters know how it’s going to end. They don’t want to get captured, they want to be killed after they take countless lives, or they end it as a mass murder suicide. And the fucking MEDIA will say their name over and over, where we now remember the shooter’s name before the victims. They are a hero in all those sick fuck’s eyes. Again, these shooters are fucking cowards. But, on the chance they DO get captured and put into custody what happens?

They go to prison, get 3 meals a day, and if needed they are put into protective custody.

And I ask, WHY... WHY does this person not get what is coming to them?

This shooter doesn’t deserve the death penalty. No, he deserves torture. He deserves to be taken to another country, dropped off and let them deal with him. They can keep him alive just enough to feel the pain of a toe cut off, or his tongue know all the things that absolutely make you cringe. This person does not deserve an American jail cell. No. Death isn’t a severe enough punishment.

Like I said, America has no more common sense. Our government spends millions of dollars fighting over which party holds power, and focuses endless amount of time trying to WIN an election, that no time is really spent on the BIG issues. Get our schools back in order. Stop “saving” other countries or illegals and focus ON OUR OWN. Fix the damn foster system and family courts so that children that currently don’t have a chance, could actually get into good loving homes! Pay our social workers MORE than our State Representatives! Stop giving second...third...fourth chances to these felons. Make examples out of them. Stop worrying about hurting people’s feelings so you get a fucking VOTE and get back to the root of the problem.

I’m sorry, but rights are not lifelong. We all have rights until you LOSE them, and depending on your charge, some rights should simply be gone forever. I mean seriously, why do people get to be convicted on a murder charge more than once? You are convicted of murder for a second or third time and spend the rest of your life in jail? Ummm, No. How about you are executed and tortured and that gets televised as much as a cop that shoots some gang member? Why not make an example out of some of these felons so others will second guess their actions. You rape a child? You have ZERO FUCKING rights. You don’t get to stay in a protection cell in jail. You don’t get a slap on the wrist because you are a good white boy that comes from money and have nothing on your record. You have no more rights. You rape a child, you are done. Public style Lorena Bobbit that Mother F’er and maybe others will think before another child is hurt.

And for those that are against the death penalty, I ask you this. What if it was YOUR child that was murdered, or left to die in a Walmart aisle. You explain why that murderer deserves to live and your child didn’t....

America needs to get back our power. I’m sorry but not all of our feelings matter. We don’t all get to win, and we don’t all get what we want. America has gone far too gray in matters that should be black and white. If you think shootings have no connection to raising our children differently, you’re naïve as all hell. We don’t let our children fail, or lose, or God Forbid be left out. We don’t raise confident children, but point the finger for blame. Teachers can’t spend time actually teaching because they need to teach to a test, coaches can’t yell because it’s too mean, and parents are forced to spend more time out of the household than in it because half of our money goes to taxes to pay for those that work the system. It’s a circle of bullshit.

America is supposed to be this badass country that no one messes with, but most of the people running it are 85 years old with a million dollars in the bank saying anything we want to hear to get your damn vote.

Common Sense. Where is it?

Can we please just stop trying to make everyone happy and focus on the foundation of our problems. I swear, if I were to be put in charge of our national budget, I’d have shit in order within a week! 90% of our politicians would be fired and 100% of them would probably get a salary decrease. Teachers would get raises. Adoption wouldn’t cost more than a freaking abortion. Meth heads wouldn’t get free drugs while a diabetic has to pay hundreds for their insulin. Welfare would be 100% drug tested and there would be no more handouts. Trades would be put BACK into the schools and glorified as much as college prep classes, and schools would be focused as much on fun and social skills than any fucking test score.

Wake. The. Fuck. Up. America! It’s time to take your balls out of your wife’s purse and get back to being the badass country no one wants to fuck with. I don’t want to live in some snowflake, fairytale land where we pretend all is pretty and perfect, when in fact it’s the beginning of a nightmare.

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