C'mon Man...

Dear Mr. President,

I have questions. Soooooo many questions.

I’ll try to be as respectful to you, as you are to the American people, and am hoping you can give me a few clarifications on what exactly is going on. See you promised Americans you were going to make things better. You were going to improve the economy, and make us united again, and you definitely, DEFINITELY, were not going to be a dictator....43 executive orders later, some of us are a bit confused and VERY concerned. So, with all due respect, please help me understand your thought process.

Help me understand, how, as a woman, I am encouraged, or at least, supported to abort a child if I desire, because “MY body, MY choice” yet if I don’t put a paper mask on my face, or put a new vaccine in my body, I am a criminal and publicly criticized.

Help me understand how shutting down a Pipeline and destroying 11,000 jobs in a single day helped the American families, while we now face a gasoline shortage all while you promised to build a stronger economy in your campaign.

Help me understand how essential employees who go to work EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. of this so called, pandemic, get nothing ‘extra’ while those unemployed are banking off the unemployment surplus and refuse to go back to work.

You do realize free money is not really free right, or did you drink the Bernie Sanders Kool-Aid?

Help me understand why over 900 illegal immigrants are crossing our borders daily, and do not need a Covid Test, yet my child cannot attend school with the sniffles, even while her face covered in a mask, surrounded by plexi glass and sitting 6 feet away from her friends?

Help me understand why life-saving drugs, such as insulin, have dramatically increased back in price under YOUR administration. How much more do you plan on giving Big Pharma while you destroy our economy?

Help me understand why a wall around your home is good, yet a wall along our border is bad?

Why are we forgiving student loan debt, or any debt? Are you going to forgive my mortgage since I already paid my student loans, or are those of us who work hard to pay our debts and are productive members of society just not a priority to you?

Mr. Biden help me understand why you feel you have the right to tell me that I am required to wear a mask if I feel a vaccine is not the right choice for me? When did it become okay for the Government to control our lives, and where in the Constitution is that supported?

Because I’m telling you, you don’t have that right.

You are a dictator in every sense of the word. You are a useless human being like most career politicians and even your own supporters remain silent of their support.

You are an embarrassment of a man, let alone a leader that is better fit to be a Walmart greeter than a leader of any position.

You have already marked your legacy as the worst and I don’t expect things to change, as your career history should have you completing your career in a jail cell rather than an oval office.

I don’t expect these questions to be answered, I don’t even expect you to “circle back”, but I do hope you know, that all of us that were praying, or rooting for you to succeed, are patiently waiting for 2024 and will not sit quietly while you destroy this country.

We want our Freedom. We demand our Constitutional Rights, and we will not be your sheep. Our gloves are off, as well as our masks, and we will not back down without a fight, or allow a Government to dictate how we live our lives.

We want our America back. The land of the Free.

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