Dear President Biden

Dear Mr. President,

Wow, it has been six months since you’ve taken office and it’s been quite a ride already! I have a few questions for you, so go ahead and grab those notecards of yours before I get started.

I guess I will start with your great support to the Coronavirus, and our vaccine. Just like you Mr. President, I want to be well informed, and confident before putting a vaccine into my body, and will be especially cautious before putting a vaccine into my child’s growing body. I know you understand this, because less than a year ago in September of 2020, you

announced that, like me, you DO trust vaccines, and you DO trust science, but at that time you did not trust President Trump so you wouldn’t be getting a Covid vaccine. DO you recall that Mr. Biden, I know your mind seems to struggle a bit these days, but I sure hope you understand that your feelings THEN are exactly how I feel NOW.

I am so happy to have a President that understands how important it is to feel safe and confident under a President before trusting them. So, Joe, can I call you Joe? if your people show up at my door to ask me if I am vaccinated, how should I handle that?

Again, like you, many people might change their minds to such big decisions. You know, for example like your stance on abortion. You have been quite vocal on your anti-abortion stance. As a reminder, in 2006, you called yourself the “odd man out” because you didn’t support federal funding for abortions. Yet, here in 2021, you not only support them, but basically feel they should be free and accessible to anyone here in the US and Mexico. You feel strongly that my tax dollars, regardless of my stance on abortion, should pay for abortions, isn’t this right Mr. President?

I knew by writing, you, you’d understand. Because my body my choice on an unborn child, should also stand true to put a new vaccine into my body as well, correct?

And while we are on the topic, I’d like my children to be protected as well. I know you trust Dr. Fauci, and as his emails stated that masks are for sick people, I would like to agree to this, so my extremely healthy children do not have to be suffocated in masks any longer. Again, as their mother, I will always protect my child. You understand, like how you protect Hunter? Now, I’m not looking for any multi-million-dollar Ukraine deals, or hidden laptop secrets to remain confidential, just a simple deserved freedom so that my child can be a child and attend school unmasked, and whatever sporting events I choose to register him for.

Oh and speaking of registering….can we make a bit more effort into registered sex offenders and human trafficking. Since you’ve been in office, I have not heard one thing about how you plan to shut down Hollywood, or stop the disgusting pedophile ring going on, so what is your plan on this? I mean we shut down schools overnight, so Hollywood shouldn’t be any exemption during an investigation. It’s very clear you love children, we’ve seen you hug them and even smell them on stage, so we’d love to hear how you’ll protect them. Maybe Hunter can give you firsthand insight on how to catch some of these disgusting predators?

Well Mr. Biden, I will write again soon. I have a ton of other questions, but I will wrap this up as I am sure you are a busy man, plus I have a few letters to write to our active military members to give the support I can. You haven’t forgotten about them, right? No more making them sleep in parking garages or anything, we learned that was beyond wrong right? Ok, then. You probably have some big decisions to make with Ms. Harris on border control and such as well, so it’s best you get back to business.

I certainly look forward to your insight on these and hope you won’t have to circle back too much.

Best Regards,


P.S. If you could throw out some mean tweets to lower my gas prices, I’d really appreciate that!

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