Election 2021...Good Riddance

As a Trump supporter I feel I need to clarify a few things regarding this election.

First off, I do not believe Trump is going to stay in office. I pray and hope I am wrong, but I do not feel the left will ever let that happen. However, I will never believe that Biden won fairly. Even the few people in my circle that support Biden don’t feel that there wasn’t some type of fraud in this election, and I think most of us will never fully trust the voting system again.

I cannot speak for every Trump supporter, but my feelings on today’s events are that I want some of the corruption over this election brought to light. I want every American to be pissed off that their vote may or may not even matter.

I want every American to realize the corruption this government has. That we are overtaxed and overworked to take care of everyone but ourselves. Americans should be appalled at our government, and government officials. PERIOD.

I want Americans to see how much money can buy power. I love Trump, but if he didn’t have the money for his campaign, he never would have been given a simple chance at running. It takes a billionaire or support of multiple millionaires to be our President, and there is nothing right about that.

I want Americans to pay attention. Watch closely over the next couple years and decide for ourselves who should run for 2024. Do your research. Look at your community. Find the next Abe Lincoln that truly wants the best for our country and don’t let those already in office control who you get to vote for.

I want Americans to demand that our Politicians cannot have a career as a politician. I want our Politicians to get the same salaries and benefits as our school teachers, or military members. I went to school to be a teacher, and every teacher knows you go into education for the love of students; never for the money. Politicians should go into politics for the love of our country and not the salary. Like him or not, Trump was the only President that did not take a salary. You cannot say that for any other politician out there. If Politician salary capped at $70,000 who would we still have in office? Who?????

I want Americans to get back to the American dream; to work for what we have. To respect one another and to teach our children to respect one another. To do what is right regardless what is popular.

Most importantly I want to see everyone remember the sacrifices so many made for us to even be in this insane predicament because we live in the land of the free. I want every house to be proud to have the American Flag on their porch and what that flag stands for.

And lastly, I wish after all this is over, that we move forward. That we stop burning down our cities, that we stop telling each other to love one another, only when it fits our agenda. I want us to be fine with either outcome, and to realize 1 person in office isn’t the real issue…it’s the other puppets that control our states, and the house that want was is best for them…not for us.

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