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Today my kids and I had a conversation regarding the inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris. Like the results or not, today is a day of history, especially having our first ever, female Vice President.

They are not who I hoped to see in office. Neither are people I want my children to look up to and as much as I’d love to expand on that, it is beyond the point I am trying to make.

Unlike many, I’ve done my research, I follow politics more than most, and I will never believe Biden or Harris deserve their new titles. Harris, for one, does not have a reputation I hope to have my daughter follow, but that is beside the point, and far beyond what my 6-year-old daughter needs to hear. And don’t get me started on Biden….

The point is that I CHOSE to discuss today’s events in a positive light to my children.

I told them that they can be anything they want when they grow up. How President Biden has been in office for 47 years and is almost as old as Great Grandma, but he’s living out his dream and finally became the President of the United States, to never ever give up on their dreams. Of course, they just could not believe someone that old could be alive, yet alone in office, but that’s the innocence of a child’s mind, and I appreciated the humor.

My job as a mother to young children is to protect them and be an example. I was very quiet today, and more emotional I imagined I would be. But my children didn’t see that. No, they saw an excited mom as I introduced the 46th President to them. I, of course, said what a wonderful job President Trump has done, but he lost…cough cough…lost the election and now President Biden starts as our new leader and Commander in Chief.

Today, I chose to teach my children about a day in history based on facts rather than feelings. Facts they were able to comprehend and be excited about.

I chose to practice kindness, and acceptance on a day that I felt sad and defeated.

I chose not to be a hypocrite that preaches kindness, unity, and empathy only when it’s on my terms or on the terms of my political party.

I will give President Biden a chance, a chance President Trump was never given.

I will never grant myself permission to act like a criminal, hateful person, or anti-American, because I didn’t get my way or disapprove of the man standing in the Oval office.

I choose to cry tonight, and move on tomorrow, and forever be a person on the right side of the fight.

I choose to be better. I choose to teach my children love rather than hate, and I will choose to be just one example of what this country needs. I am a Patriot of this country, that absolutely loves everything it has to offer, and will never let a single person, including a President, change who I am, or give me an excuse to be something I am not.

We all have a choice in life. The last four years gave us insight to people’s characters when they don’t get what they want, and I choose not to be one of them.

Congratulations President Joe Biden. I pray you Keep America Great.

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