My Body, My Choice.....right?

I am choosing not to take the Covid vaccine.

I am not scared of shots. I am not opposed to vaccinations, and I fully support medical science. I do, however, believe that the moment our Government takes this much concern into our personal health, it is, without question, a major red flag.

The political influence this vaccine holds is mind boggling. People are literally getting bribed to take a shot, that has yet to be proven to be effective, or hell, even be FDA approved.

This vaccine is not a fix for our health, but in my opinion, nothing more that a flu shot used as a cover up to the biggest political hoax of my lifetime.

We are supposed to believe that, suddenly, our Government cares about us. The same government that shut down our schools, closed our businesses, eliminated our jobs, and killed our economy, suddenly wants to protect us all.

We are supposed to believe that our Government cares so much about us that they raced to get a “cure” or vaccine for a virus with a 99% survival rate, when any person diagnosed with cancer would give just about anything for that same statistic. Yet, HIV is “impossible” to prevent via a vaccine. Yet Covid, this new virus, has a vaccination within months…. months…. none of that seems suspicious to you???

I guess it can simply be put that I do not trust our Government, and it will take a lot more than a free vaccine to ever make me trust those in office. I will allow our Government to guide my life decisions when I see even the slightest morals and values into their everyday decisions.

I will trust our Government when Pedophiles are microchipped or castrated at the first offense.

I will trust our Government when Insulin and EpiPen costs equivalent to a Covid Vaccine.

I will trust our Government when we worry more about our American veterans and homeless before sending billions, of American tax money, to other countries.

I will trust our Government when crooked politicians are not allowed to be in office for 40+ years and term limits are mandated.

I will trust our Government when caring for the American people is shown by actions, and not told in speeches. When we can see firsthand what the world is, and not have to hear corrupt data or logistics from the media.

I will trust our Government when teen suicide, or drug use becomes a true concern and no longer ignored.

I will trust our Government when money isn’t a factor in our judicial system.

I will trust our Government when our foster care system and adoption process gets the same funding as Planned Parenthood.

I will trust our Government when they state a vaccine is a personal choice, and both choices are respected.

Because in all honesty, I don’t care who takes the vaccine. I fully support those who take it and respect their decision. I mean, after all, it is my body, my choice right? Or is that logic only allowed when Covid is not the topic?

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