My rights, Your Opinion

Updated: Mar 14

Never did I think I would be raising my children in a society where grown adults are so willing to throw in a towel to simply comply, rather than fight for what is right.

Soon my children, and thousands of others in my area, will be banned from Park District activities, public libraries, restaurants, and sooner than later, their public education, all because I, as their MOTHER, do not feel right to give them a vaccine. Not just any vaccine, a new, and ineffective vaccine for a virus that has only affected their mental, social, and emotional health.

I am absolutely disgusted and heartbroken we are here, and I am so extremely angry at those that refuse to stand up for what is right. It’s that old saying, you can mess with me, but don’t you dare mess with my children….yet here we are. Children 5 years and older are now being discriminated against if their parents choose not to put a vaccine in their young, growing bodies. How, how is this legal? Who in the world feels this is ok?

A hot topic for years has been teen pregnancy; can you imagine the absolute outrage if we forced every girl that turns 13 to take birth control shots until the age of 18, regardless of their religious beliefs, parental consent or whether or not they’re sexually active? Can you imagine the rage? Yet teen pregnancy numbers would dramatically decrease right? So why not do it? Why….oh that’s right, because it is morally and ethically wrong…. And I see ZERO difference in my 5, 7 and 9 year-old children being forced a vaccine I.SIMPLY.DO.NOT.TRUST.

People, I am begging you. I am begging you to stop complying. I am begging you to stop wearing the useless masks to simply be polite or to prevent hurting the feelings of your Walmart greeter. Stop giving the false pretense that those enforcing these policies are right. Stand up, so together we can prove that they are wrong. Refuse to get a vaccine if you do not believe in it, don’t get the jab just to hope this so-called pandemic will disappear. Mothers, and fathers everywhere are begging you.

And you know what makes me really sad, are the so-called friends and family that love to shout out acceptance, and love everywhere on their social media pages, yet remain SILENT on this issue. If you choose to vaccinate your child, I support you. I believe in this thing called choice, and you too, should support my choices. Your silence is costing my children their freedom.

At what costs are we going to say enough is enough? Because I ask you, are my children’s rights less valuable than your opinion?

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