Thank You, Teachers!

Thank you TEACHERS!

Thank you for getting us through this school year and truly becoming our heroes.

Thank you for smiling when you wanted to cry, for laughing through your frustrations, and thank you for overcoming all the obstacles thrown your way.

Thank you for learning, basically overnight, how to teach virtually, and somehow making our children feel part of a family, all while sitting aside each other via a screen.

Thank you for constantly adapting. From Zoom school, to Live, to Zoom, to Live… you made it look easy.

Thank you for making our children feel loved, and for hugging them when they needed it despite the social distancing rules.

Thank you for responding to our 1am emails, or for reaching out to the families that went MIA during this year, caring even when you went ignored.

Thank you for making our children feel special and accepted when they felt anxious or afraid.

Thank you for reminding our children of their resilience and that they too, are superheroes.

Thank you for being a constant presence in our children’s lives when the world was full of changes and thank you for being a friend when they never felt more lonely.

Thank you for giving my children an amazing education, despite the obstacles going on in your own homes during a pandemic affecting your life, as much as ours.

Thank you for overcoming all the technology challenges that came your way when you really wanted to throw your laptop against a wall, when nothing…NOTHING seemed to be working as it should.

Thank you for listening to our children’s rambling stories and for laughing at the jokes that make no sense, and for rolling with the constant interruptions that happened on then other side of the screens.

Thank you to our Principal that never let us see her sweat. That gave our teachers the tools and confidence that, together, we can not only survive the 20-21 school year, but together we can thrive. A true leader in every sense of the word.

Thank you to our school nurse that had to follow strict Covid protocols, in a very political year. Thank you for making the calls home, not knowing which way the parents would react and having to deal with the emotional responses on the other end of the line.

Thank you to our school janitor who my kids simply adore. You somehow make every child feel as though they are your best bud, and it’s apparent you are always smiling behind your mask. You sanitized all day, everyday for our children to be able to play on their playground, eat in their lunchrooms, and simply be at the school. You are not unnoticed. You are amazing. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You may never fully understand the impact you had on my child in a time that we were just trying to keep it together. Your positivity, praise and stability gave my family 6 hours a day of “normal” …even if it was a new normal. It was YOU that made us prevail from some of our darkest times, and we will forever be grateful, and I think it goes without saying, that this is a year that none of us, will ever forget.

This year is a wrap. We survived. We thrived….

Author: Tori Mikos

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