The Power of the Career Politician

You’ve taken a year from us.

You took away our choices and silenced our voices.

You instilled fear into us and gained the control you were looking for. We became your puppets and your sheep; little by little you took away freedoms and brainwashed the American people.

You lied. Over and Over, you lied. You reported false numbers on a real virus. You reported opinions as facts. You made the mainstream media, YOUR media.

You pretend to save us with a stimulus, a stimulus of our OWN money. You steal OUR tax dollars to make deals. Deals that benefit your personal wallet and anyone BUT the American People.

You reward those that don’t work and take jobs from those that do.

Opinions other than yours are disrespected, while you’re allowed to be a dictator and hypocrite on every sense of the word.

You celebrated with your families in your million-dollar mansions, and traveled, while we were told to cancel Christmas.

Two masked parents are not allowed into a hospital to be with their sick child, and a dying Adult dies alone, because God Forbid, a loved one is there to hold their hand, because GASP, you could catch a cold. But, our NFL Athletes can play a game mask less and Pelosi can walk freely in a closed hair salon, as that is more important than anything regarding us “regular” people.

Standards are different for those that don’t matter. Schools are closed to public education, yet Private schools remain open. Because rules never apply to those that can pay their way out of it.

Children’s lives were not considered in any of your decision making. Mental Health deteriorated, Anxiety and Depression skyrocketed. Teen Suicide higher than any year in history; yet those numbers and deaths never get reported.

Elders died alone. ZERO contact allowed in their facilities. Men and women who survived wars, and depressions, and cancer, could not hug their family, in fear of what? Dying? Dying in fear, or your words, protection, of a virus is accepted, but dying surrounded by love and affection was banned.

Politics destroying the Unity of the country as you planned, and so deeply wanted.

You take zero accountability for your actions, but are quick to point fingers.

You are liars, and thieves, and manipulators.

You make cheating obvious and defend it, if, it is in your favor.

You don’t want anyone in office that will challenge you. You don’t want anyone strong that will fight for right vs. wrong.

Race and Gender are more important to you, than morals and ethics.

You are puppets to your own parties with skeletons in your closets and dirt on your hands.

You have made your money, you have served your decades of time, all you are in office for now, is for the POWER.

Take away the big salaries. Take away the huge pensions. Take away the POWER of all those in Government, on BOTH sides, and we will see who is left.

We don’t need the government to save us, or be our voice, we need the career politicians to be stopped, so we can save ourselves and stop the downward spiral we are in.

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have” Thomas Jefferson.

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