Two Parties, One America

I feel incredibly sad today as an American, and more than anything else, I am fearful for our future. I am fearful of the brainwashing, and control our Government is having over our lives, and instead of fighting the problem, we act like violent criminals. I think it is very safe to say that the days of trading in spankings for time-outs and giving everyone a Trophy is backfiring in our faces. Clearly, no one knows how to lose anymore, and instead of throwing temper tantrums in the grocery store aisles, we are now burning down our cities and raiding our Country’s Capital. Really America? That’s where we are now?

For four years, the Republicans loved to point out the chaos of the Democrats, yet it took one day….ONE. DAY. For Republicans to do the same. The 5-10% of the clowns in each party just have to ruin it for the rest of us, and it’s sickening. Absolutely sickening.

All we are doing is creating a country of hate and divide. Democrat vs. Republican right? We are encouraged to hate each other for something as simple as supporting an opposing candidate. If we allowed each other to speak, we’d probably agree more than not on many topics, but we don’t even converse anymore. We can’t respect each other’s opinions. We fight one another, or make excuses for one another, simply because of a political party, that, doesn’t practice what they preach and are in it for the power and money; not for the American people.

How long is this going to go on before we all wake up? This government: Republican and Democrat is corrupt. If you disagree, do your research. Politicians who should be our voice, and trustworthy are nothing of the sort. They make deals with other countries to buy their second or third homes, ensuring employment for their families, and promise anything and everything simply to get your vote. We are their pawns, and the true interest is for themselves.

I have never been quiet about my support for Trump…. I like him. I like him mostly because he is NOT a politician and you have to admit, the man knows business. He followed the system that career politicians put in place, policies that may seem criminal, but are not. HOWEVER, I also think he is an egotistical, narcissist as well. But here’s the kicker; You’re telling me that out of the millions of Americans, Trump and Biden are the best of the best? Really? That’s the best we have? Pelosi, Clinton, Trump, Biden, McConnell, Durbin…these are who we trust to make strong decisions for us?

Of course not, it’s the best money can buy. The Political Parties don’t really care who’s in the office as much as they hope for control of the house and ability to push their own agenda. And right now, the focus for America during a Pandemic is to support every other country over Americans. Kanye West and other countries get millions, while Americans don’t get enough to cover their insurance deductible. Doesn’t that alone make you question what the hell is going on?

None of this is okay.

I’d love to say hate, racial divide and violence isn’t part of the agenda, but I’ll never believe that to be true, because as long as we fight each other, we’ll ignore all the other objectives going on. They want us to fight because it’s a cover for every other disgusting, and corrupt thing going on from child trafficking to personal scandals.

Career Politicians like Biden, Pelosi or McConnell have done what exactly for our country? They’ve had a combined 100+ years in their positions but help me understand, what exactly have they achieved. The world is far worse now, than it was in my 1980’s and 90’s childhood when they started in office.

Our judicial system is jacked. Money buys you freedom in the courts, and lawyers are always the winners.

You can have multiple abortions for free under Planned Parenthood but need to take out a second mortgage to adopt a child.

Children are killed in abusive homes, or foster homes, yet the judge that rules their cases still sits on the stand and remains responsible for hundreds of children in the system.

Our social workers and teachers are underpaid, and overworked, yet politicians receive every benefit imaginable.

Child trafficking is ignored, yet we report Covid cases on the hour every hour. Again, zero daily or weekly reports on CHILD TRAFFICKING but we can’t turn on our TV without hearing a new statistic on a virus….

We have thousands of people dying each year from Cancer yet give MILLIONS of American tax dollars to Pakistan for gender studies. And you’re ok with that?

You’re okay allowing the media to feed us any information without any requirement of fact checking?

You’re okay with the word God and prayer being banned from schools and allowing “genderless” men to use the same public restroom as your daughter.

I am not okay with this. I am not okay watching the same old white men remain in power. I am not okay with the Government dictating our lives.

I am not okay with Organizations demanding to defund the police yet allowing those same people to have access to 911 and the POLICE!

I am not okay with Celebrities and overpaid Athletes preaching to me about gun control and border control when their security guards carry guns and their homes protected by walls.

I am not okay with the hypocrisy and the brainwashing happening in front of our eyes.

I am not okay for us to preach unity and kindness, only when if fits our agenda.

What I want to see is for us, as Americans, to come together. To demand term limits, and salary caps on these elected officials. Give people that care about us and about this country the opportunity to represent us, that will do a better job at half the salary. Put people in office that still have integrity and a conscious.

I’m not asking anyone to change their political beliefs. I’m asking everyone to remember that before you’re a Democrat, or before you’re a Republican, you are first, an American.

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